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Jyotish in Hindi, usually recognized in the west today as Vedic Astrology, is one of the unique outer sciences of the physical universe, as well as a most vital inner science, for it deals with the inner intelligence and the voyage of the soul. The planets correspond to the laws of time and Jyotish in Hindi shows the basic language of space energy. Jyotish in Hindi is the science of fate, or fate, thus the appreciative of events on earth and for individuals the unfolding of events in their lives.
Jyotish in Hindi views man as a microcosm, an indivisible part of the macrocosm of the universe, and is a spiritual science based on the science of transmigration of the soul. Consequently a Jyotish in Hindi will show the karma which one brings to this life from preceding births, the spiritual path one has followed and the ultimate purpose one must complete in order to transcend the limits of this material globe.
Jyotish in Hindi shows the psycho physical environment of a person and indicates their potentials in all areas of life. Even a person aptitude to execute austerities for spiritual growth and their capacity to perform sadhana, or spiritual practice, will be seen within the birth Jyotish in Hindi. Armed with Jyotish in Hindi facts a person becomes better equipped to be objective in their way, accepting both the inherent strengths and weaknesses and use their strengths to achieve greatest potential in all areas of life.
Jyotish in Hindi measures to be taken may include the use of gems or yantras yet even more importantly Jyotish in Hindi may include consideration, chanting of mantras and developing the determination through positive thinking to become restricted in order to achieve goals on both the material and religious spheres of one life. Jyotish in Hindi is the branch of Vedic science that deals with the health of the physical body. Jyotish in Hindi includes instruction of proper diet, body work and also surgery, but as highly includes psychology and spirituality. Treatment may need a change in life style and attitude, as well as several of the same measures approved in Jyotish in Hindi such as gems, mantra or yantra.